RONA has a new commercial where two business execs discuss three candidates that they’d like to hire. The first two are ivy league grads, and one even “helped turn the Boston office around.” Names are mentioned, but not genders (but it’s pretty much assumed that they are male). The third candidate “installed a new oven vent and energy efficient lighting in her kitchen… ALL BY HERSELF.” The head guy then says, “Well, it’s a no brainer then.”

The commercial implies of course, that they’re going to hire the woman. I’ve seen the commercial several times, and the more I see it, the more I hate it. I KNOW it’s a joke. A play on abilities. But really RONA… REALLY? You make things so easy in your store that even a woman can fix up her kitchen? All by herself no less.  Crap… to think, I had to ask my Hubby to help fix the toilet. Guess I’m not getting the job.

Anyone else see this commercial?

And the Toronto Star has sold out a little in this article on Mayoral candidate, Sarah Thomson. Saying that because she is the only woman among 20-odd candidates, she’s “the pink elephant in the room.” Sarah, self-made and quite the multi-million entrepreneur, goes on to discuss her successes, and how they should be the measure of her merit — not her gender… but also describes how she plays the gender card to grab laughs from the Media.