Eryn crawls now.

She crawls EVERYWHERE. I feel like I am either constantly losing my baby, as she’s never where I left her last, or that I’m always on the go. Running to grab that speck of God-knows-what that she found under the couch, leaping to catch her from flying off the bed, or crawling on the floor with her playing chasing games (ok, that bit is fun).

And it’s not like she’s a mild mannered “girl.” I heard once that girls are easier because they don’t have the testosterone that makes them aggressive or lacking good judgment… or some nutty malarkey like that. Apparantly not this one. Eryn has no fear. None. She believes she can fly. She will actively jump off the bed to grab the toy on the ground, or perhaps just to test my reflexes. So far, I’m batting 100%.

I sometimes think that walking around with in the sling during her “fussy hours” for 3 months was easier than this.

That, or maybe I should let her just play with the remote or the wrapping ribbon that Hubby tends to let her play with. Hasn’t hurt either of them yet.