Well that sucked.

I’m in the car now on my way home from the conference session. I spent the first 15 minutes keeping Eryn occupied, away from electrical plugs, smiling at the kind people who saw me struggling and who smiled back (“oh she’s so cute!”), worrying that the ground was too dirty for her to be crawling on, staring down mommy haters who were pissed that her two “ah!”s were too loud for them, and certainly NOT listening to the speakers.

So we left and played in the park instead and had a great time.

Not that I would have completely comprehended the topics at hand. As soon as the first speaker started defining “obtuse” Heideggarian terms, all I could think of was, “Rolley polley, rolley polley… Up, up, up!”

Le sigh.

Perhaps I’ll get my hands on some of the papers, because the topics were really interesting.

What really pissed me off was that they charged me $5 for the day, even though I told them I was just going for the one session. And the woman who charged me SAW me hanging out in the lobby for half the session with an active baby and even offered to get me a seat.

No. Thanks. I’d rather be getting my money’s worth in there.

So I grabbed $5 worth of yummy conference cookies.