Today we hung out at the park behind our condo.  There’s a splashpad, baby swings, barbecues, and lots and lots of trees.

Almost every day I run Eryn in between her trees and let her pat the trunks and pull on leaves, in the hopes that she’ll be some kind of nature lover when she grows up.  She loves being thrown up in the air, or just chills and munches on the grass.  We’re quite lucky that we have a massive forest cutting right through the downtown core of Mississauga. Eryn has gotten used to our outings, and just today, recognized the seagulls and ducks as being other lifeforms that she can interact with!

It’ll be one of the last times that she’ll be in an outdoor park with maple trees and grass for a long time (in baby world).  Over the next month she’ll either be playing in air conditioned mall arcades, hanging out in the stroller or sling while cruising the downtown strip at night, or stuck indoors behind 6 inch thick, tinted windows — guaranteed to keep out the sun and sand.

There might be a chance to commune with some palm trees… but it’s usually 55C between 8am-6pm. So. No. No running around the park.  I actually don’t think there’s a children’s park in Kuwait.  There’s a mini splashworks and carnival-land, and the Cornish next to the sea is almost like any other ocean-side boardwalk… but no grass covered parks with a river, papillons, ducks, and massive maples.

The only large grass areas in Kuwait are usually found on the golf courses.  There’s an underground water and cooling system to make sure The Green stays that way.  Although, there are some plants and shrubs lining some of the highways, and a few running parks for the expatriates.  She’ll probably be able to cultivate a love for rock gardens.

Kuwait is a lot of fun.  It’s just a different culture — walking around high-end shopping malls instead of hikes through the forest.  So it’ll be interesting to see how quickly she can turn a mall into a playground.

T-minus 4 days until we leave!