8 pairs of jammies
6 diaper shirts
4 graphic tees
2 formal dresses
nasal aspirator
medicine bag
Mr. Monkey
favorite blanket
portable high chair
car seat (because they don’t use them there..!)
hipster hat
sun hats
bug spray, mosquito net, after bite
Happy Birthday Little Pookie, Grow Up, Peek-a-Who? and Guess How Much I Love You
prayer mat

God… what am I missing?

I just realized that I’m a day behind. I thought we were leaving Friday. SURPRISE! It’s Thursday!

We’ll be taking United Airlines to Washington and then straight to Kuwait. Total trip length (including check-in and wait times): 19 hours. I love traveling. I HATE airport security. Eryn, Hubby and I all have NEXUS cards, which allows us to go through the Canada/US border without having to go through customs. To apply you have to agree to be fingerprinted, have your irises scanned (no, not the baby), and then submit to an interrogation by both sides of the border — and finally, sign a document promising that you will never use your NEXUS super powers for evil, upon threat of being banned from entering the US for 10 years (give or take).

It’s worked well for us! Especially considering Hubby has been fingerprinted in an unrelated incident, and my hijab has on occasion been subjected to it’s own pat-down and strip search for setting off the alarms. His company sent him to Seattle to work directly with the client. The border guard demanded a green card. He explained that he wasn’t working IN the US, just WITH US clients. It didn’t fly, and after fingerprints and an 8 hour interrogation culminating in a phone call to his Director, they let him board. Me? I’m just guilty of using too many pins in my scarf. Now it’s my personal goal to always be beepless (6 scans and counting!)

So is it bad that thinking of dressing the baby in *cough* red and white stripes? YOU KNOW, so that we’ll pull a sympathy card and not get the extra hassle?

The last time we went to NYC, we got in trouble for not declaring the baby food. In my defense, she had JUST started solids, and in my mind, rice cereal powder isn’t “food.” Apparently formula is food as well. But since we’re nursing, I wonder if I have to declare my boobs as well.

I know lots of people take the extra precautions now that airport security has so many levels and precautions… but how many feel put on the spot when they actually walk through the metal detector? Sometimes I feel like more guards start hanging around our bags when we travel, and if either one of us sets off the alarms, then everyone looks over.  It’s probably just me, but I guess that goes with the territory.  And I know the bag searches are random. I must have bad luck.  My bag was swabbed for narcotics in Regina (Regina!! Of all places!!), unpacked and searched in Barbados, and I received a nice head massage in both London and Toronto (US side). Never had a problem in Paris.

We’re all super excited and I can’t wait. I hear rumors that the flight from Washington to Kuwait is filled with servicemen being sent off to the US base. So it’s a huge party for them. 12 hours of drunk army guys? heh, we’ll see!