Air conditioning has new meaning for me now that we’ve landed in 50 degree heat. But not just to stay cool. The airline “lost” our bag with all of my and Eryn’s clothes.

So we’re both commando.

Thank God I packed extra jammies in her diaper bag. But with this heat, she won’t be wearing much. I’ll just be naked under my abaya, because in some brilliant streak of genious, my Hubby packed it last minute.

Apparantly the bags were checked in Washington, and logically arrived in Q8. Someone may have walked off with it, or it’s fallen down behind some canister only to be found in 25 years. I hope we get it back. Baby clothes are too expensive.

So this afternoon we walked out of the airport, and in full shade, my cheeks burned in the heat. Insanely dry heat. Like standing in front of an oven. I hate to imagine what the actual sun feels like. I’ll check that out tomorrow.

Eryn was a star on the 12 hour flight. It was full of servicemen, and they all had a great time making her laugh. Now unfortunately, she’s tired and cranky and is not in good spirits to meet the family. She’s not home. There are tonnes of strangers making goo goo at her, and at 10pm Q8 time, she’s crawling around wondering when she’s going to get lunch. She’s had several full out meltdowns already.

There’s only a 7 hour difference… Shes resillient So I’m sure she’ll be fine in a couple of days. I’m the one who’ll have the rough night — trying to figure out how to get a wide awake baby to sleep at 2am, and eating my lunch now at 11pm.

Dinner is late here.

Lucky for Eryn though, she’s getting my broken German and Lebanese, the maid’s broken English, grandma’s Arabic and Hindi from the bollywood soaps on TV.

Sheesh. Even I’m so foggy I can’t even write a proper post 🙂