A lovely conversation between myself and the family’s Indonesian maid, Sri:

K, why no halib for Eryn?
No milk Sri?
Halib, formula, bottles? Why no I see you giving halib?
OH! Eryn takes halib from mama (I touch my chest)

Ooooohh! K! Just like back home! Best milk! Best halib from mama!
Yeah, heh.. it is!
Yah, K not like people here. You give halib from beginning?
Yes, from the very start.
Ooooh, K, so good. Very good K.
Sri, did you give halib?
Yes, first time 2 years. Second baby 1.5 years and then khalas (finished).
Thanks excellent! Good for you.
Yes, but you K! So good that you give halib. Eryn is good. Good and big. You give good halib. Must eat all good things.

Lots of smiles and warm fuzzy feelings all around. Leave it to something as natural as breastfeeding to break language barriers.