Oh. My. God. It’s hot. hot. HOT.

This morning the sky was a pale blue, without a cloud in sight. I kept thinking about the notation on the weather network that I sometimes see: unlimited ceiling. Looking up, I felt like I could touch the stratosphere. Nothing. No bird, no plane, no cloud — just sky and unrelenting sun. And it’s so bright.

When I opened the window, the words “white hot” popped into my head. The sun is gigantic, and each building is painted earth tone or white to reflect it — so you get hit with this searing light from all sides. Like walking in a snow field on a bright day.

Makes you squint and sadly, forms instant and hopefully not permanent wrinkles.  But I thought it was a good idea to take Eryn out to experience it.  She hasn’t been outside to play in almost a week.

So how hot is it? Well, you start sweating just standing for a minute in the sun. Your eyeballs dry up. The wind is hot — like poking your face into the oven door when you open it to check on baking cookies. And when the humidity is really high, it’s like walking into a sauna.

The night time is a little better. It’s around 42. That’s still hot. But without the sun, it’s just like a really warm breeze. And honestly, it’s all bearable when you go from air conditioned house, to air conditioned car, to air conditioned mall. We’re doing a lot of trips to malls.

Today was the first day that the sky wasn’t hazy. We’ve experienced a lot of dust in the air from high winds and a full on sandstorm yesterday. The dust storm rolled in and obliterated the view of everything in it’s path. They come quickly and can cause a lot of damage — to homes and soft tissue!