First of all, the Internet here is sketchy at best. A proper update (and several posts) will be coming once we return to Kuwait after the weekend. Some of the topics: black African pride, museum Masai, amazing safaris, beautiful language, and god awful traffic.

But some initial reflections:

First come-first serve seating on Ethiopian airlines chaos; 5 hour road delays; the sweetest roadside bananas; buying fresh vegetables for the week from Mama Boga (mama vegetable) a traveling seller for 4$; curios in the village market; buying fruits from the tent market; fresh off the machete sugar cane; hearing the adhaan at dawn, and African Gospel music from 8-10 on Sunday; the best naan and chicken tikka at an outdoor BBQ; a Masai warrior asked to engage Eryn at a cultural show; playing with local children as they fawn over Eryn; an amazing safari that included a cheetah kill, 1,000 wildebeest stampede stopping dead because of one lion, a kindergarten of giraffes running away from Eryn’s newly developed howling skills and a baby hippo next to my cabin; learning how to carry Eryn on my back with just a sarong and singing the Kenyan national anthem while listening to swahili reggae over the radio.

Oh. And the worldcup in Africa. Amazing.