We survived yet another 13 hour flight, and I really have to say that it’s all due to Eryn being an excellent traveller.

Despite a round of croup, she was brilliant on both flights from Kuwait-Washington, Washington-Toronto. Slept the entire way.

And she was snotty enough for us to *cough* use her to bypass the REDICULOUS line at US customs, and again at security. We would have missed our connecting flight otherwise. And I don’t know how, but all of the millitary men who fell in love with her on the flight, also snuck in behind us in the “special services” line.

I wonder how long we can keep doing this?

And why was my sealed bottle of distilled water taken away from us, while the obviously open (and full) sippy cup was not? I even asked after being told, “we’re taking the baby’s water, ok?” “no, not ok, but whatever — is the sippy cup ok?” “yes, that’s fine.”

And to think, we just came from three airports (Nairobi, Ethiopia, Kuwait) where security measures allow you to carry water bottles, liquids, gels, and in some areas of the airport, allow you to walk through metal detectors with car seat, stroller and baby intact (with your shoes off of course).

Anyway, now that we’re almost back in the full swing of things, I’ll be updating more frequently and hopefully coherently.