In three weeks today, Eryn will be a year old (God willing).

Because her birthday for the next few years will fall in the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate her birthday a week early with a “summer is almost over–we’ll be fasting during the day for a month–let’s party while we can–oh yeah, it’s Eryn’s day too” BBQ with close friends. That way, the adults can be adult and throw around a frisbee while eating yummy burgers, and the babies can be babies and stuff their faces with cake (ok, the adults too).

We didn’t want to have a kids’ birthday party with extravagant invitations, party hats, kid-themed games, clowns, air castles (although, I’d love that), because really, what does she care?  Eryn probably won’t remember the day and will be entirely embarrassed when I showcase her cake smeared cheeks to her tween friends.

We also only have three close friends with babies, everyone else is newly married or single. I even themed the “save the date” e-mail to be an Alice in Wonderland unbirthday celebration, and emphasized a BBQ for us and our mostly babyless friends — who do indeed love the summer BBQs. All of our couple friends throw at least one each summer and we rotate through monthly BBQs, pulling out kites, bubbles, football (that’s soccer for some), and even friendly games of cricket. Everyone contributes a dish and we cook up a storm in a local park. Good times had by all.

Now that almost everyone has replied back with a resounding, “sorry! we already have plans” and Hubby might be in Seattle for work, I’m upset.

I can’t believe my little baby isn’t going to get a birthday party! Only one couple can make it (the single guy with his new girlfriend whom I haven’t met), and the grandparents of course.

I’m going to have to cancel her unbirthday and every time I think about it, I get a little more sad, nostalgic and like an irritable mama bear. She should have a party!  She deserves horses and eco-friendly party favours; helium balloons and a new party outfit; a three-tiered cake and a magician! Who cares if she doesn’t remember.

I’m just going to take her to the museum on the 13th and then have cake with the grandparents.

*Grumble even though she deserves a novelty party hat with all of the people who came to see her at birth grumble.*

Image credit: AnitaInverarity