David Mitchell of The Observer has announced that he’ll (possibly) put on the burqa if Britain decides to ban it.

Tattoos and burqas are all the rage. One in five of us now has a tattoo and there are enough burqas around to invoke talk of banning them. Some people, presumably, sport both – but they’re difficult to identify without causing an embarrassing scuffle. Especially if the person under the burqa turns out to be a woman.

‘Tis true. Niqaabis do sport tattoos and facial piercings. I met a group of “punk Muslims” at a 2004 Islamic conference. The niqaab for them was the ultimate form of rebellion and protest.

Damian Green, the immigration minister, deftly dismissed calls for a burqa ban as “rather un-British”. I imagine he was hoping that this would cause a sort of feedback loop in the minds of xenophobes: “Hate not British! Burqa not British! Hate burqa! Ban burqa! Banning not British! Hate banning! Ban banning! Ban burqa! Ban burqa banning! Does not compute!”

It’s a fun, refreshing article — I highly suggest reading it with your morning tea, or whenever you’re feeling silly.

And this just made my day.