Eryn in our book nook.

While in Kuwait, we picked up a couple of Arabic baby books for Eryn. I wanted alphabet letters and common animals, like cat, dog, bird, squirrel…

We didn’t quite find what we were looking for. There were many English-to-Arabic translations of popular (non Disney, thankfully Grimm-like) fairy tales — Alladin, Cinderella, Rose Red, Snow White and a few I just didn’t recognize.  The Arabic language books tended to be geared more toward the grade one level and above.  For babies, there were a few electronic games — “My first computer” which sounded out the alphabet, an animal corresponding to the letter and a colour when you placed the correct block in the “computer scanner”; and a “magic mirror” game that did the same… just with a pretty pink mirror that you could look into while animal pictures flashed along side your reflection.

By pure chance we came across two baby books with Safari animals, and amazingly, North American animals (like squirrel, beaver, deer) and weather (snow!).

Arabic is read from right-to-left — which means when you pick up an Arabic book, the front of the book is actually it’s back — or what an English reader would consider to be the back of the book. The right page is read first.

Fil: Li khurtoom ‘adheem – Elephant: I have a mighty snout;
Karkadan: Li qarnaan ‘alaa anfee – Rhino: I have two horns on my nose.

We’ve read the books a few times, and she’s enjoying my impressions of zirafa (giraffe), fil (elephant), and karkadan (rhino). I actually love the rhino impression too: I’ve been stomping around the house in a gruff voice saying, “kar-kadan, kar-kadan, kar-kadan.”  Seems to be a fitting, bullish-I’m-a-big-knucklehead-don’t-mess-with-me-thing for a rhino to say, or what it sounds like when it runs.

What I’m REALLY finding interesting is that Eryn has figured out that these two books are read differently from her English books. She’ll pick them out from her nook and flip through them correctly from right-to-left, while continuing to flip through her English books left-to-right.

Oh, and I was really blown away when I found this:

Hubby and I are currently making our way through Season 4. LOVE!

But could someone please tell me the secret to why I keep finding Dr. Who discussion threads on feminist websites? I’ve randomly come across 3 separate weekly discussions.