A shopkeeper puts up decorations for RamadanThe Huffington Post has some great pictures on the start of Ramadan.

So today was my first day of fasting since 2008. I got pregnant a few months after my Ramadan trip to Kuwait, and had Eryn just before last Ramadan, so I’ve been excited to get back to fasting.

I was a little worried that fasting and breastfeeding would make my day a little more rough, but alhamdulillah, today was pretty good. I wasn’t too thirsty and my let-down was actually faster than normal.

Last night we prepared for the first day of fasting by burning incense, reading the Qur’an, cleaning, and…er…. watching two episodes of Dr. Who.

Which in hindsight was stoopid, because I went to bed at 2am, just to get up at 4am to make oatmeal for the pre-dawn meal and guzzle two litres of water. Eryn also was up every two hours last night…as if she sensed a need to “tank up” before dawn.

The day itself was pretty normal. We got up, fed Eryn her breakfast, took a nap, had lunch, went to the library to play and sign her up for an 8-week play and reading program, ran through the splashpad, took another nap, went for a walk in the wrap and fed the ducks, Eryn played with Baba while I made dinner (daal, Moroccan chick pea stew, butter chicken), read some more Qur’an and then broke my fast while nursing Eryn to sleep. Now I’m writing while cooking the meat for a samosa-making-extravaganza tomorrow.


Oh. And Eryn is up again.

Ramadan Mubarak – Happy Ramadan