Media Edition!

I’ve received a lot of interesting links in my inbox lately (thanks for sending them in!) and thought that since I’ve been knocked out with a nasty cold and I’m sitting in my mother’s kitchen with a jug of hot tea and saltines, I’d start a new feature here at WoodTurtle and drop a link roundup.

If you come across anything of interest regarding muslim women or muslims in general and would like me to review it, answer questions, or just comment on it here, flip it to me via: w00dturtl3 {at} gmail {dot} com.

1) A wannabe hipster saves the Qur’an from death by burning in Amarillo, Texas, by snatching it away from the offending Christian leader and saying, “Dude, you have no Quran!” He then ran away.   You can watch the video of the hero in action here.

2) From the New York Times, a nice article on the Muslim Prayer Room on the 17th floor of the South Tower.

Given the vitriolic opposition now to the proposal to build a Muslim community center two blocks from ground zero, one might say something else has been destroyed: the realization that Muslim people and the Muslim religion were part of the life of the World Trade Center.

3) In a country where Islam is the second largest religion, the French Senate has passed the ban on face-covering veils — which will largely affect about 2,000 women living in France. Interestingly, even though the bill negotiates legal minefields by avoiding the words, “women,” “Muslim,” and “veil,” the fines for breaking this soon to be law is:

… a fine of 150 euros ($A200) or citizenship classes for any woman caught covering her face, or both. It also carries stiff penalties for anyone, such as husbands or brothers, convicted of forcing the veil on a woman – a fine of 30,000 euros ($A41,500) and a year in prison – which are doubled if the victim is a minor.

I’m speechless. Check out the Non/No Bill 94 Coalition who are working so that a similar law isn’t passed in Quebec.

4) And finally, new brilliance from hip hop artist Narcicyst. Check out his video “Hamdulillah” featuring the gorgeous voice of Shadia Mansour and the faces of Muslims from Sydney, New York, Montreal, Abu Dhabi, London, Philly, Cairo, Dubai, Chicago, London and more.