Here’s the second installment of the muslim link roundup.  From time to time people send me quirky stories, and I’ve been dropping them here for interests sake and for a bit of fun.

Again, if you come across anything of interest regarding Islam, muslim women or muslims in general and would like me to review it, answer questions, or just comment on it here, flip it to me via: w00dturtl3 {at} gmail {dot} com.

1) Anti-Islam Dutch MP, Geert Wilders’ trial for inciting hatred against Muslims has commenced in Amsterdam.  Despite looking like a maniacal super-villan, he states that he will continue fighting for freedom hate speech.

2) The Zaytuna College, “America’s first Muslim college” is currently seeking accreditation from the accrediting body of the US Department of Education. It may take up to seven years for this part seminary, part academic institution in the Islamic sciences to be awarded full-accreditation. Until then, they have a spiffy new website and are currently open for Fall Admissions.

3) Niqabitches have released a video [to Beastie Boys’ “Hey F**k you” — so be warned if you’re not in to that] of them parading around Paris in hot pants and a niqaab. The video shows them strolling around town, visiting governmental offices, posing with gawking passers-by. The Telegraph reports:

At one stage in the film, the two women approach the entrance to the ministry of immigration and national identity, only to be told by a policeman to go elsewhere. However, a policewoman also present is delighted by their clothes. “I love your outfit, is it to do with the new law?” she asks. “Yes, we want to de-dramatise the situation,” one girl replies. “It’s brilliant. Can I take a photo?” asks the policewoman, who will soon be required to fine public niqab wearers.

“To put a simple burka on would have been too simple. So we asked ourselves: ‘how would the authorities react when faced with women wearing a burka and mini-shorts?,” asked the students, one of whom is a Muslim.

If this video protest goes viral, it will be 100 million, million times more effective than the Burqa Biqini protest of March 2010.

4) The movie Mooz-lum starring Danny Glover and Evan Ross (yes, Diana Ross’ son) is trying to get a Premier date.  Set up against a politically charged 9/11 backdrop, Mooz-lum is about an African-American boy who comes of age by trying to negotiate an overbearing father, deep personal familial traumas, and and a search for identity that must reconcile his own difficult history with his new changed reality.  The movie can be summed up with, “Do not let a few people shape your entire faith”

For more information and to see this film play in your city, visit this link and “demand it.”