I was listening  to Ryan Doyle on NewsTalk 1010 this evening and caught a bit of his segment “What the Fatah” — where he gets the uber progressive Muslim talk show host, Tarek Fatah to weigh in on current events.

Tonight’s topic was the recent ruling made by the Ontario Court of Appeal that the niqaab must be removed by witnesses if a fair trial is to be had.  This issue was first brought to light when a victim of sexual assault refused to remove her veil in front of her attacker during the trial.  The courts have determined that removal of veils will only be necessary if the judge or jury feel that the trial or the rights of the accused are being hindered:

“If, in the specific circumstances, the accused’s fair trial right can be honoured only by requiring the witness to remove the niqab, the niqab must be removed if the witness is to testify,” the Court said.

What I got to hear tonight was a complete mockery of the niqaab and a misplaced criticism of the Canadian judicial system. Fatah and Raheel Raza, Board Member of the Muslim Canadian Congress got on the air and lambasted the Canadian judicial system as being defunct and completely incapable. What the courts should have ruled, they argued, is to ban the niqaab all together.

Because a sexual assault case is the proper venue to debate niqaab in Canada.

And when they weren’t describing the niqaab as “face masks” (what is this Halloween?), Raza was calling women in niqaab, “sacks of potatoes.”