At 14 months Eryn is starting to do a lot of really neat things.

  • She waves at her shadow when it’s projected on the wall in front of her and is astute enough to know that when she plays with sunbeams, somewhere behind her she’ll be able to see that little hand waving back.  She’s also mesmerized by dust swirling in the light.
  • When I put on my prayer shawl she knows it’s time to pray and crawls over to the prayer room. She’ll then hold up her hands in supplication, make takbir, and will start moving her lips and tongue as if in prayer.  She’s even started to place her head on the floor in prostration.
  • She’s not saying “Baba” or “Mama” to refer to us — but when I turn on the light she says licht (light in German) and woof whenever she sees a dog.Woof is also used for any four-legged animal, especially squirrels.  And a raspberry for elephant.
  • She’s started twiddling her favourite side. Today was the first time she’s ever felt me up and I started laughing. Then she laughed, which made me laugh even more.  When I switched her to her favourite side she gently patted my face and sighed. God I love moments like that.
  • Still no walking, but she’s super fast at crawling and I’m barely keeping up with her. She’s fearless when it comes to stairs and that scares me a little.  Probably because I have a terrible knack of falling down (and up) them.
  • And when Omi reads a story to her, Eryn will turn around, take off Omi’s reading glasses and put them on herself. She’ll then continue “reading” the story to Omi.

A sunny day at Downey’s Farm.

Hubby “feeding” Eryn a banana.

Eryn “feeding” the goats.  Yes, I know my hijab matches my carrier — what of it?