We’ve got some tongue-in-cheek, some brilliance and a little bit of slander in this edition of the roundup. Enjoy!

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  • There is yet. another. article about young Muslim hijabistas. This time it’s the Globe and Mail weighing in on the subject.

    The looks on mainstream fashion blogs expose a little too much t and a in Ali’s view. Instead, it’s Hijab Style and Hijab Revival that make her daily reading list. The latter sites feature a lot more than the standard-issue black cotton head scarves synonymous with Islam.

    Apparently the Globe and Mail has never been to Turkey, Kuwait, or really anywhere in the Gulf. And they’ve never picked up a copy of Muslim American Girls Magazine either. Maybe it’s big news that hijabis are bedazzling their hijabs and sharing style tips through blogs and social media, but really folks, fashionable Muslim ladies styling their hijabs is old news.

  • Via KABOBfest: A story that gained international attention, but that was largely ignored by the mainstream American Media, was the outreaching of Heartsong Church who welcomed their Muslim neighbours by putting them up in the church for evening prayers during Ramadan. Instead of putting up a sign that read, “Qur’an burning tonight at 8pm,” their sign read, “Heartsong Church welcomes Memphis Islamic Center to the Neighborhood.” Awww.
  • A smear campaign for candidates running in Toronto’s mayoral race backfired. Fliers with anti-gay sentiments for openly gay candidate, George Smitherman, were apparently directed toward Muslim voters. The reaction?

    The flyers were plastered over posters of city council candidate Rasal Rahman, a Muslim and Smitherman supporter, who said Sunday “I don’t like dirty politics. Islam may say homosexuality is not for Muslims, but it doesn’t say don’t vote for these people.”