In this edition of the roundup, we have non-Muslims pretending to be Muslim, reasons why non-Muslims want to be Muslim, and a frozen mosque.

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  • After travelling 4,000 kilometres over land and water, Inuvik’s Arctic mosque finally opened it’s doors for business on Wednesday.  Partly built in Manitoba, this “little mosque on the Tundra” will provide services for about 80 Muslims.
  • Journalist and International Studies junior, Cassidy Herrington dons the hijab for a month and lives to tell the tale!

    Before I left, several girls approached me. I will not forget what one girl said, “this gives me hope.” Another girl said, “I’m Muslim, and I couldn’t even do that.” It did not hit me until then, that this project would be more than covering my hair. I would be representing a community and a faith, and consequentially, I needed to be fully conscious of my actions while in hijab.

    An interesting piece. At one point she’s told that the hijab makes her more beautiful. And while I can’t disagree that hijab has excellent cheek-bone slimming qualities and that pious sexy is definitely “in” these days — we all know that it’s really Muslim double-speak for, “I hope you convert.” It’s a cute piece and it isn’t all about how the hijab oppresses. Yay Cassidy!

  • A Craigslist Ad in Toronto is asking Calgarians if we can swap Mayors. The first Muslim Mayor in Canada is popular indeed!  Next up, the first Muslim PM?
  • Sir Ben Kingsley plays an historic Muslim in this awesome film short about three school children who research the “Dark Ages” only to find the Golden Age of Muslim invention.  Made for the 1001 Inventions exhibition, you can catch the full film in NYC this coming December.