Eryn on a swing @ 15 months to the dayHello Sweetie,

You are very cute at 15 months masha’Allah. Everyone has completely fallen in love with your natural style of dancing. And while I can’t help but think it was partly my influence, dancing with you every day since birth, you’ve certainly figured out how to wiggle your bum like a pro.  You throw one arm in the air and shake it like a polaroid picture. And to complete the routine, you even have a sly shoulder shimmy .

You dance all the time. When you’re listening to your toy piano, when you’re walking with your push-car, even when there is no music, you’re always grooving and marching to your own beat. Last night you danced while you fell asleep nursing, and snapped your fingers just before nodding off.

You’re also very helpful around the house. When you’re not tearing holes in my rice bags, lentil bags, grain containers, destroying my requisition forms and eating paper plates, you’re taking my prayer shawl and cleaning the windows, coffee table and floor. Thank you sweetie. I enjoy smelling peanut butter when I pray.

I have visions of you becoming a graphic designer or dealing in body art.  I know crayons taste yummy, but you really have to stop eating them. I know my hand makes a wonderful canvas, but you really have to stop insisting on drawing on me.

I wish you got as excited as I do over seeing bubbles.

Please learn to feed yourself effectively soon. Just two weeks ago you took food from my hand perfectly well. And while I know you want to do it yourself with your own spoon and plate, you keep dropping the food before it even gets to your mouth. It would make mommy feel so much better if you would just stop rejecting my spoon or hand, so I could actually get some food in your belly.

Speaking of your belly, it is quite plump and lovely. I shall eat it for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Tonight at dinner out you were amazing. You took food from your Amma’s hand and let her hold you when you got restless. You charmed the entire serving staff. You even charmed the nice lady who took your hand when you wanted to walk. Way to go!

No, a dog does not say, “ssssss,” and squirrels, monkeys, elephants, and rabbits are not “boof.” You sign “milk” for water and “give me.” I don’t know how we screwed that one up. But you say, “nyum, nyum, nyum, nyum” when you want to nurse, and it’s redonkulously cute.

You’ve got a beautiful smile and you use it all the time.  Thank you for laughing at my silly jokes.

Lots of love,