Again we went to the Muslim Association of Canada‘s yearly ‘Eid event at the Canadian National Exhibition.  20,000 Muslims, one room, rides, food, bazaar, animals, movies and lots and lots of fun!

Muslims gathered in the main hall.

cows and my head blocking the camera.

They had donkeys, llamas, cows, porcupines, rabbits, sheep, LEMURS!, a CAMEL!, and oh my goodness, two baby kangaroos. I was amazed. The roos were so soft and it was just amazing watching them hop in “person.”

Eryn, baba, and some sheep.

Sheep! I’m so proud that Eryn isn’t afraid of the animals.

Eryn, baba, me and a camel.

Camel!! And a photographer from the Toronto Star. Who knows, maybe Eryn will be a print media star this weekend!

A Muslim wearing an abaya watches a carousel spin.

The rides looked great, but the carnies had small hands and smelled like cabbage.

Having a snack before having more fun.

Muslims. Making the Canadian Bazaar bizarre since 1830.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing at home and then went out with friends for dinner. I’ve been so busy these days with the baby, hosting the in-laws and with ‘Eid that it’s been impossible to update the blog with anything coherent.  At this very moment I’m hiding in my bathroom with Eryn on the other side of the door whacking away calling for me.

Last night she refused to sleep anywhere but on my chest. I was a complete hostage. I’m hoping this intense new level of clingyness is a sign that she’s about to walk — and not an indication that I’ve been too busy to pay attention to her.