The baby is in bed, the tea is steeping and there’s a stack of peanut butter cookies with your name on it (or Arrowroot… hold on, I think we may have some chocolate wafers at the bottom of the cupboard). So sit back, relax, and enjoy this happy-feely, pain, love, ‘n guts edition of the roundup.

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  • Allah loves me this I know, for the Qur’an tells me so. Little ones to Him belong. They are weak but He is strong.  Christian teachers at an Islamic school are getting more than they bargained for in Des Moines.  At New Horizons Academy, they’re leaning all about Islam and finding new direction in their own understanding of Christianity — from their first grade students.
  • Not that this is representative of every father in the KSA, but the Associate Press is reporting that women in Saudi Arabia who are being forced to remain single by their male guardian are taking the matter to court.  The practice known as adhl, or rejecting the marriage proposal, is used to reject suitors on the basis of their class/tribe, if a family cannot afford a dowry, or in some cases, if a father wants to keep his daughter’s salary or the government allowance given to single women in poorer families.
  • In a recent report by the pan-Arab Al-Hayat newspaper, the National Society for Human Rights received 30 cases of adhl this year — almost certainly an undercount. A Facebook group called “enough adhl,” set up by a university professor and adhl victim, estimates the number at closer to 800,000 cases. The group, with 421 members, aims at rallying support for harsher penalties against men who misuse their guardianship.

  • Yusuf Islam has been voted as one of the most generous musicians!
  • At the height of his popularity in 1977, Cat Stevens converted to Islam and dedicated his life to educational and philanthropic causes. His religion has been the subject of much controversy and misinformation, yet Yusuf’s generosity is clear. He auctioned his Cat Stevens gear, donating money to charity. He also decided to use his publishing income to establish a series of Muslim schools in London and donate to other charities. Yusuf then founded the Small Kindness nonprofit which provides aid to victims of war. All of this while raising five kids.

  • And this report in honour of my amazing sister-in-law, who just started some serious boxing training in Ottawa. 15 year-old Muslim boxer, Ambreen Sadiq, is fighting her way to the 2016 Olympics:

    Her father, Shokit Ali Sadiq, who has encouraged her since childhood, said he had predicted since she was a baby that she would become a boxer. “Nobody would believe me.”

    Ambreen said: “I know you should not show your arms and legs off but I am not doing it so I can show my arms and legs off to the whole world. I am doing it so I can enjoy boxing. It is what I want.”

    The Muslim Council of Britain said: “We would not take a position against this.” He said some Muslim scholars did, however, regard boxing in general as “inhumane”.

    Ayesha Abdeen, vice-chair of the Muslim Women’s Sports Foundation, said: “We believe that women should have an opportunity to take part in sport and keep fit and healthy. A Muslim woman boxer I would say is quite rare.”

    This article on her career is a little old, but you can keep up to date on her upcoming matches by joining her Facebook page.

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