It’s the *facepalm* edition of the roundup! I’ve thrown in a dash of *headdesk,* and a smattering of Muslim Christmas love. Enjoy!

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  • Corrections Canada just hired the first practicing female Muslim prison guard!  In order to accommodate the recruit’s special religious and cultural requirements, she will be permitted to wear long sleeves, have time off to complete her daily prayers, and will wear a specially designed hijab that will come off easily if an inmate attempts to use it to gain physical control over her.  While Corrections is being applauded for their religious accommodations, the Muslim Canadian Congress is criticizing these allowances, calling them, “apologist,” “politically correct,” and “nonsense.” MCC vice-president Salma Siddiqui insists that,

    religious faith should not be a factor on-the-job for any employee who chooses the profession of a correctional officer. “I don’t think there should be any emphasis on Muslim or not,” she told QMI Agency. “They are being Canadian and politically correct. We do not have to live with that guilt.”

    Siddiqui said there is no religious requirement to cover one’s head – that it is the “uniform” of the Muslim brotherhood and international Islamist movement – and worries it may fuel rising concerns about the “penetration” of Islamist ideology into society.

    Why did Siddiqui focus on the Brotherhood? Given there are some Egyptian female police officers who wear a uniform that may include a matching hijab, I suppose in some kind of weird parallel universe, this means hijab is the “uniform” of the Muslim Brotherhood. But only for correctional officers. No, only for female correctional officers — because no publicized accusations have been ever made of bearded, male Muslim correctional officers who use a portion of their break to pray while on duty.

    I wish it were that brilliant of an argument, but really, the MCC is simply saying that hijab is the “uniform” of islamist, conservative, traditional Islam — and that one woman will have the power to funnel islamist ideology through our corrections system and turn Canada into the next Islamic Caliphate.  You go girl. This has nothing to do with your dedication to faith or the accommodations of an understanding employer.  It has everything to do with your hijab being a symbol of terrorism.

  • In France, the daughter of French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen is under fire for comparing Muslims to the Nazi occupation of France. Like many mosques throughout the world, Fridays in Lyon get pretty packed. It’s difficult to accommodate so many people coming with their families to listen to the sermon, pray, meet and greet and maybe even have a falafel or two — so often during the average 7 minute prayer, people have to pray outside the mosque. Le Pen feels that when Muslims invade the streets with their rugs, they’re just as bad as the Nazis who marched through the Arc de Triomphe.
  • “For those who want to talk a lot about World War II, if it’s about occupation, then we could also talk about it (Muslim prayers in the streets), because that is occupation of territory,” she said at the gathering in Lyon.

    “There are of course no tanks, there are no soldiers but it is nevertheless an occupation and it weighs heavily on local residents.”

  • Wondering what to give your non-Muslim neighbours this Christmas? How about giving them the gift of Islamic knowledge! Haroon Moghul provides a comprehensive list of must-have books about Islam and Muslims guaranteed to bring a smile on Christmas morning.
  • When misinformation on Islam, Muslims, and America’s relationships to the Muslim-majority world is in oversupply, we need relevant and useful information. Conversations about Islam shape local, regional, and global affairs: to not know about Islam is to be left out of issues that deeply affect all of us.

  • And finally, after hearing the claim that 10% of Muslims are terrorists, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria decides to take conservative pundit, Glen Beck, to school on his math skills.