This is not the post I want to be writing right now, as I was hoping to work on my Christmas post. But I also don’t have much to say about this — the campaign speaks for itself and there have been excellent comments left on this blog recently regarding how incredibly ridiculous it is for Muslims to sell the beauty of Islam by pointing out the evils in the West.

Because let me say it again: Muslims rape, rave, sin, abuse the innocent, murder their daughters, abuse substances, are raging drunks, traffic women and children, encourage and participate in child marriages (resulting in teenage pregnancies), vandalize, destroy world heritage sites, beat their wives, mutilate women, overlook those in need, and commit terrible, terrible acts of violence — and use Islam to justify these acts.

Yes, Islam encourages the institutions of family, marriage, and upholds the rights, honour, and dignity of women, children and men — and the majority are beautiful, wonderful, sincere, humble, kind, giving, honourable, patriotic, and self-sacrificing Muslims.

We do not need to sell out the beauty in Islam by pointing out perceived evils in one community and ignoring the evils in our own.