Presenting the Christmas Spirit edition of the roundup! Snow is falling, pipes are freezing, and people are stranded in airports, but that’s not stopping Muslims from giving generously in charity, donating blood, or sending messages of peace.

I’ll be spending the rest of the weekend in bed with Dr. Who and Torchwood reruns. Have a good one everyone!

  • Let me just say, African Muslim-Americans have got it going on! Seriously, I have never seen so many involved communities from Toronto to New York, to Detroit to the Bay Area. Impassioned and awesome imams, outspoken and involved women, social programming for the benefit of everyone, and welcoming to all. Check out this video of a Detroit Muslim community volunteering on Christmas Day:
  • Early Christmas morning, hundreds of Muslim-Americans turned out to help their Christian friends by doing the volunteer work that they would normally do. Muslims say this is a way to allow Christians to celebrate the Holiday by stepping in to provide meals to seniors and distributing toys to needy children.

    The volunteers began the day at the Community Access Center on W. Vernor in southwest Detroit, and Saturday’s effort came out of an interfaith collaboration by the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan and the Jewish Community Relations Council. This year since Christmas falls on the Jewish Sabbath, the need was greater than ever to have Muslim-Americans help deliver the toys and food to Detroit neighborhoods.

    Brilliant, truly.

  • The holy Islamic month of Muharram is almost complete. What have you done to observe it? Well, the Islamic Unity Society is asking British Muslims to contribute to the National Imam Hussain Blood Donation campaign:

    Its founder Dr Marwan Al-Dawoud said donating blood was a way for Muslims to show their devotion as well as saving lives. “What we’re saying is that this is a time when we feel that Imam Hussein gave something of himself.  Use that message and give blood because it’s something that is good for society. It’s saving life at the end of the day and there is no greater gift from God.”

    And Muslims in Saskatoon are using the fast of Ashura to send a message to Jews and Christians:

    This time of year Jews and Christians celebrate holy occasions. The Saskatoon Muslim community honors the greatness of Moses and Jesus and the magnitude of their messages and sacrifices. Saskatoon is a city of new beginnings for thousands of Muslims from around the world.

    We have a unique opportunity in Saskatoon to accomplish great things by bringing Muslims, Jews, and Christians together with what we have in common; respecting our differences with dignity as people of God and God’s revelations.

  • Finally, the lovely ladies at MMW are now a sponsor of the Women’s Voices Now Film Festival.  Women’s Voices Now aims to:

    empower women and give voice to the struggle for civil, economic, and political rights by creating an on-line platform where underrepresented women can be heard by an international audience, women can communicate with each other, and the dialogue on women’s rights can be elevated by a multitude of views from diverse national, economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

    Through the medium of Film! If you haven’t stopped by to see the films in competition for cash prizes and the opportunity to be featured in the WVN Festival in Los Angeles, March 17-19, 2011, I suggest you do so now!

    Be warned though, the topics are heavy. Best to wait until after the kiddies are in bed.