I hope everyone is having a good holiday season (yay to all of the parties bringing us into the new year and beyond). We’re in recovery mode and celebrated today with loads of laundry, bowling and all-you-can-eat Indian.

Eryn had a wonderful Muslim Christmas:

Baby Yaseen couldn’t make it due to the bad cold/flu that’s going around. Every year my dad puts together the stockings and writes the kids’ names in Arabic and English.

Our all seafood diner was delish!

Eryn had a blast admiring all of the lights, and seeing all of her Aunties and Uncles. I discovered, much to my delight, that she’s not a fan of chocolate and prefers eating butter mints by the handful. She’s also learned to make monkey noises.

Mints, monkey noises, and learning how to walk go hand in hand.

The lucky girl received a slew of traditional gifts:  wooden blocks, play dough, leggos, books (Cookie Count and The Very Hungry Caterpillar) and a mini toy kitchen set.

But by the end of the night it was my iPhone that kept her occupied through her sugar rush.

Though I have to say that if I knew simple wooden blocks would entertain her for hours, like they did today, I would have bought them for her months ago! Yay to simple, wholesome toys.