Eryn transferring objectsLast night the Hubby and I almost made it to the movies. We tried for the 7:10 showing of Harry Potter, reasoning that it would be OK for Eryn to stay up until 10pm. But by the time we got around to coordinating things with the MIL, debating the late night, and finding our free movie passes, it was too late to bother with driving all the way to the theater. So instead we went to WALMART (oh. yay.) to pick up some yarn because I’m keen to learn how to knit so I can make one of these or these.

When we came back to the apartment, Eryn was spooning.

Last month we started helping Eryn learn how to feed herself with utensils by practicing spooning with fuzzy pom-pom balls. She takes her tray and her bowls, and after I model how to transfer pom-poms from one bowl to another, she’ll delight in just shoving them in her mouth, throwing them onto the floor, and occasionally placing them neatly in the bowl. The task occupies her for a good ten minutes, so I can do other things like clean up after her. Please note the peeled banana on the couch.

Eryn playing with her wodden animal blocks

I’ve also noticed that the older she gets, the more her stuff moves into my space. I don’t quite know why I have a flamingo hanging from my picture shelf — not that the bear or wooden pig make any sense either.


And speaking of moving in, here’s Eryn obviously taking over my side of the bed. Either she shoves me over so much that my butt cheeks have to help keep me balanced on the edge, or she’s flopping herself onto me like a human blanket. Usually on my full bladder at 3am.

Eryn and the sister in law juggling fruit

Here’s her Amma, my SIL, teaching Eryn how to juggle tangerines. I’m very happy that she likes her fruit.  In fact, she likes fruit so much that she’ll sink her teeth into every piece she can get her hands on.  But only once.  So I’ll come to the kitchen only to find that a little mouse has taken small bites out of every piece.

It happens in the fridge as well. Every carrot has a tiny bite taken out of it.

We’ve also finally taught her to stop peeling bananas, throwing away the fruit and eating the peel.

me bowling with Eryn on my hip

But by far the best thing about life with baby, is her uncanny ability to help keep me balanced when bowling. Thanks love, we broke 50 for the first time ever!