Morning, 8am

“Mama.. mama… mama… mama.. MAMA! MAMA! MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!” *through slitted, pained eyes* “Yes, Eryn?” “Num-num” “Are you hungry baby?” “Num-num!!” “Do you want to eat breakfast?” “Num-num… ah ah ah!” “Oh, Monkey wants to eat?” nods yes. “Monkey wants to nurse?” emphatically nods and pulls down my shirt. “Ok, Monkey, here you go.. num, num, num.” I nurse the purple stuffed monkey.

“Eryn, do you want breakfast now?” “Num-num!” she hands me Rabbit, and I proceed to nurse Rabbit, baby, and Penelope the penguin. “Eryn do you want Cheerios?” arms outstretched, asking to be picked up. “Bubble!” “Ok, let’s go feed you Cheerios.”

Mid-morning coffee

A double blueberry muffin counts as a fruit, right?

The Pet Store

“OoooOOOoooh!  OooOOOoooh! Ah, ah, ah!” “That’s a cat, not a monkey.”

“What does a dog say?” “Ooof.”

“What does a cow say?” “Moo.”

“What does a elephant say?” “Booo!” raises arm like a trunk

“What does a pig say?” moves mouth like she’s eating

“What does a snake say?” “Sssss… Hsssss… SSssssss….Ssssss”

She continues hissing for the rest of the pet store visit.

You'd think the bunnies would be a bigger hit.

Afternoon Stroll

The river runs just below our apartment, and this lovely little pond is a 10 minute walk away. I’m loving how ducks sound like monkeys and the river is a bubble.

Eryn's first footprints in snow.


“EeeeeeeeeeeeeeEeeeeeeeeeee!” runs across the room from the couch to the wall mirror.

“Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” runs across the room from the wall mirror back to the couch.

“EeeeeeeeeeeeeeEeeeeeeeeeeee!” again runs across the room from the couch to the wall mirror. Dead stop.

“Mama?” “Yes, baby?” “Ticka ticka. Blah bleh blah buh?” “On Thursday.” nods in agreement, thinks for a moment, smiles and then continues, “Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

“On Thursday” is my answer to most of her questions. Sometimes it’s paired with a longer explanation of either world domination, time travel or how to avoid a future economic crisis. And sometimes it’s simply a quick summary of the latest Grey’s episode.

Shopping with Baba

We try to keep her in the cart, otherwise there will be grocery products strewn all over the floor. This evening however, the Hubby and I had to split up to cover more ground quickly, so I grabbed her and ran for the fish counter.

The entire time she screamed “MAMA.” Over and over and over again. Completely self-conscious, I loudly narrated, “Yes, mama’s got you. We’ll see baba in a minute, we just need to get the fish. Then we’ll go home, sound good sweetheart?” “MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!”

She’s testing out the volume of her voice with her favourite words, but I got so embarrassed imagining that every person in the store thought I was in the process of stealing a baby.

Chillin' with baba in the bakery aisle.

Blogging, 11:30pm

Lazy, multimedia blogging at that. I’ve some knitting to do.