My brilliant colleague Uruzurum Heer recently posted a fiery note on Facebook and I’ve asked her to join us here with her thoughts as a guest. Urz is an amazing activist for human rights, the environment, women, youth, and social justice. This woman is all over the map, attending every Islamic event, rubbing elbows with international scholars, city councilors and mayors, and serving on many local boards in Ontario including The Care Factor, Shalom-Salaam Toronto and Concerned Citizens of Brampton. So please take the time to welcome Urz — hope you enjoy this post as much as I do.

I am a little tired of this discussion and feel mentally exhausted when I have to argue with men who appear as reasonable over the topic of hijab.

First off, what I choose to wear (and not wear) has nothing to do with you.

It has everything to do with me and my Lord.

Whether I choose to parade around topless, or wear my hijab pinned under my chin, or whether I wish to wear my Turkish bonnet, a bandanna, whether I tie it back or up, whether I want to wear a blue one or a pink and purple polka dot one, a hat, beret, have a few hairs showing or wear no hijab at all, YOU (Mr Critical-Lacking-wisdom-and- rationale- Muslim man) have nothing to do with it.

I wear my hijab because it was MY choice to wear it. It was MY personal choice to wear, and my way of taking my inward practice to a higher level to please my Lord (not you).

The Quran has ordained faith, prayer, fasting, zakat and hajj as priority first. You cannot even call yourself a Muslim if you disregard these basic requirements. So if you are flawless and perfect in that, THEN I would understand you pointing your fingers to others. If you are not, then perhaps you should really work on yourself first and foremost before you start preaching to others on HOW to practice their outward ‘properly’.

Scholars and Imams (who have knowledge and wisdom) know that everyone is at a different place in their journey towards perfection and EVEN they will think twice before criticizing.

Some may have just begun, others have begun longer but are taking things at their own pace.

Some have worked on their practice of being a better Mu’min.

And others have reached the level of Ihsaan.

Wherever we are, YOU should be using wisdom in how you try to encourage others to practice their faith (if you really feel it necessary to preach to others).

Men who are critical of their sisters need to stop.

Wearing hijab falls much lower on the priority scale when it comes to pillars and belief, and it is our inward that is more important than our outward anyways.

No hijab will help if we are despicable, lying, cheating, jealous, envious people inside.

So please, enough with picking on the sisters. Go perfect yourself first (including your beard, showing your ankles and whatever else you need to do) and leave us women alone.