Go Swimming! How thankful am I that our condo’s clubhouse has an indoor swimming pool? So. very. thankful. Eryn was a fish when she was younger. I’m not sure what happened, but once she turned 16 months she suddenly became afraid of the water. So now I just bring her in with me, sing a couple of rhymes and then let her sit on the edge of the pool while I make her laugh flopping and splashing around in the water.

For anyone curious, I wear my hijab in a high bun, a long pant suit made from bathing suit material, with a long sleeved rash guard on top. The last time I went to the beach, everyone thought I was either a professional swimmer or hard core surfer.

Go clubbing! This funky water feature has black mesh lights that change colour in time to the beat of the muzak pumping through the clubhouse. Eryn shakes her little bum each and every time we pass by.

Clean the fridge!  Every time I open the fridge, Eryn is right there ready to empty my crispers. First she pulls out the fruit, gnaws on a carrot, leaves some teeth marks in a tomato or two, and then tries to pull out all the condiments. Today she was carrying around soya sauce like a baby.

Here she succeeded in actually pulling out the crisper and decided to clean my coriander for me. Now all I have to do is teach her how to cook all by herself and we’re set.

Go parking! I am really very sorry that many of my American friends are stuck under 10 feet of snow and that much of Europe is in a deep freeze. But it was only -1C today! And no wind to ruin a perfectly fun day at the park. We made fresh footprints in the snow and twirled on the carousel. Eryn fell over a couple of times because she’s quite the little frozen robot penguin in all of her winter gear. I debated taking a picture of her helpless flipped turtle flopping and then thought I might be slammed for cruelty.

So instead I snapped her while we both were swinging on the “grown-up” swings.