How are things looking in your neck of the woods?

We took a trip to Omi and Opa’s house the night before the big storm. Eryn misses her Baba so much that she’s taken quite strongly to Opa. She calls for him each time she wakes up from sleep, and has started copying his morning cough. It’s pretty cute how she coughs into her sleeve.

Of course, she can’t exactly move while bundled up and took two headers into a snowbank. Eryn was pretty upset until we got her into the sled — then she was just grumpy at all of the flakes melting in her face.

Checking to see just how much the Queen is perturbed (incidentally, Eryn’s real-life name means Queen in Medieval English, and her second name is Exhaled in Arabic. Can’t tell you what her real-life name means in Arabic, because you’ll figure it out instantly.)

Pretty intense there Eryn, let’s go back inside.

That’s better — though it looks like someone’s been caught in the act making a mess.

This wonderful contraption is Eryn’s learning tower, courtesy of Opa. I showed him a printout of a store-made learning tower, and he found himself some pine, sandpaper and a little paint, made up some magical measurements, and after God knows how many hours of labour, *poof* he made this.

I’m trying to convince him to go into business.

And guess who’s all tuckered out after a day out in the snow?