It’s the “who’s next” version of the roundup! Congratulations Egypt — you’re beautiful and truly amazing. Arabs everywhere are now saying, “Hi, I overthrew two dictators in one month. What did you do?”


Tweeter @ayakhalil's Egypt "Victory is sweet" cupcakes

  • Anti-government rallies in the capitals of Algeria and Yemen, inspired by events in Egypt, have been broken up.Riot police in Algiers dispersed thousands of people who had defied a government ban to demand that President Abdelaziz Bouteflika step down. A similar march in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, calling for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to leave office was attacked by government supporters.

  • Egyptian Feminist, writer and activist, Nawal El Saadawi, gives her testimony of her experience of the Egyptian Revolution uprising:
  • Young people set up the tents for rest a few hours at night, so the mothers of infants and their children would no longer be on the ground in the cold and the rain. Hundreds of young girls walk free, chanting—and not one has been sexually harassed or molested. The chants are for freedom, dignity, and equality—and many are led by women, with men following. Coptic Christians are side by side with Muslims. Even some of the youth of the Muslim Brotherhood told me, “We disagree with some your writings but love you because you did not change opportunistically, you have been consistent.” Another young man came to embrace me and say, “Oh Nawal, we are the new generations who read your books. I did and was guided by creativity and rebellion and the revolution of your thoughts.”

    A young woman called Rania said, “We call for a new constitution that does not distinguish between people on the basis of religion, sex, or creed, race, or other.” A young Christian named Boutros added, “We want a uniform civil code of personal status for all people without distinction as to religion, sex, or sect.”

  • Finally, check out this moving video. Turn on the Closed Captioning for the translation, “In every street of my country, the sound of freedom is calling.”