Morning 6am


I lay back and catch about 20 more minutes of sleep while Eryn has a morning nurse and drifts off herself. Then I roll her over to snooze with Baba while I have about a half hour to run around and get ready for work.

Half a shower (who has time to wash hair when you wear hijab?), a 5 minute makeup-job, and a hastily prepared lunch later I’m running out the door to catch my bus. Sometimes I hear Eryn crying for Mama.

It kills me to close the front door.


Tweeting while bussing in the dark. Without caffeine. A dangerous combination.


Subwaying while trying to write a blog post on my iPhone. See above.


Walk into work, change shoes, turn on computer, and head straight for Timmies. Dream about Eryn the entire morning. Have several versions of Mother Goose songs running through my head. Check Twitter.

12Noon – Phone call home

“Hi mom”
“Hi, how are you?” “Good. How is she?”

Noooooooo! Baby! Mama!

“Do you want to talk to mama?”

Noooooooo! Auto! Nyum-na.

“She’s fine. Colouring. She only slept a half hour this morning. We’re going to have lunch now and then go to the drop-in centre or the library.”
“Cool. What’s for lunch?”
“Chicken nuggets, avocado and a cream cheese sandwich.”

Autoooooooooo! Opa! Ticka-ticka. Bye!!

“Oh, you want me to say good bye? Do you want to speak to mama?”

No. Byeeeeeeee!

“I have to go K, she wants me to hang up.”
“Snort. Ok. Talk to you later.”


Chocolate run.


Sign-off from work, run out the door, jump on the Subway and catch my 5:10 train.

5:10pm – Phone call home

“Hi mom”
“Hi, how are you?” “Good. How is she?”
“She’s fine. Here, you want to talk to mama?”

Heavy breathing

“Hi Eryn! What does a dog say?”
“What does a cat say?”
“What does a monkey say?”
“aah aah aah!”
“Ok… mama is coming home soon….”

thump, crash, rattle

“Hi. It’s me. She dropped the phone. Now she’s looking at pictures of herself with your father.”


Run through the door after speed walking home from the train station.

“Hi sweetie. It’s good to see you too.”
“Okay… just a minute, let me take off my shoes and scarf. Give mama a kiss.”
“Okay, okay…”

laughing maniacally for the grand reveal


7pm Diner

Well, we try to have dinner anyway.

This new interpretive dance thing is all Eryn. I have no idea where she got it from.

8:30pm Bedtime

A very rushed bath, massage and Qur’an by baba. Story time with Mama. A lot of watching her dance, jump, run and play on the bed while I read aloud. We’re currently reading the Velveteen Rabbit and I’m dying to find out what happens after he starts loosing his shape and pink ears.

And then:

“Say goodnight to baba.”
“Ma’asalama habibi”

Then we nurse. I fall asleep before she does, dashing my plans to do some more reading and writing for the blog. Midnight comes and goes and soon enough it’s 6am. When we do it all over again.

God bless the inventor of weekends!