It’s that time of the week again — and while I really, really love it when the roundup is fun and shiny-happy, I’m sorry to say that this week is full of dark and scary news. Please start sending me happy items. Thank you.

But until then, I give you, the serious-face edition of the roundup.

Try to enjoy.

1) Cold war? Hot war? Peace-keeping mission? Cultural sensitivity? When is it an appropriate time to ask US servicewomen in Afghanistan to don the headscarf?

Retired US Air Force colonel Martha McSally is in the news again, vocalizing her criticism for the “hijab directive” — when Female Engagement Teams are given a choice to wear a headscarf when reaching out to local Afghan women. In an earlier Washington Post piece, she says, “American servicewomen will continue to be viewed as second-class warriors if leaders push them to take up the customs of countries where women are second-class citizens.”

What does that make Muslim service women who have to take off their hijab to serve their country?

2) Noor is not allowed to tell her father that her grandfather is dead. That’s because her father is currently incarcerated at a highly restrictive and secretive federal prison program, for providing humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza through his charity — which, according to prosecutors, indirectly supported Hamas.

Jeanne Theoharis was shocked to learn that her star political studies student, Fahad Hashmi, was a terror suspect for having allowed an acquaintance to stay with him in his apartment. Unknown to Fahad, his acquaintance had rain coats, ponchos, and waterproof socks in his luggage, which the acquaintance apparently later delivered to Al Qaeda.

Fahad spent years in solitary confinement while awaiting trial. Now he’s been sentenced to 15 years in prison and remains in solitary confinement at a facility labeled, “the most draconian prison in the federal system.”

His acquaintance recieved 4 years “time served” after helping prosecutors incarcerate Fahad.

Both stories will break your heart.

3) Do you know where your tax money goes?

CSIS, Canada’s Intelligence Service, has been studying the dreams of Islamic terrorists.

In a “secret” report titled The Role of Dreams in the Justification of Jihad (sounds like someone’s thesis topic), the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service analyzes the links between dreams and Islamist terrorism — arguing that Islamic terrorists often report having dreams about Muslim religious figures and draw inspiration from such visions.

“Dreams provide [an] inspirational component of the world of the jihadist,” CSIS writes. “Jihadists receive divine guidance of future events and see the legitimacy of their actions in their dreams…Dreams about religions figures can inspire extremists to act.”

Same with Prophets. Missionaries. Visionaries. Science Fiction writers. Mel Gibson. Me.

4) Rapid fire:

5) Finally, I give you, the weekly hijab PSA:

What are little boys made of?

Flies and snails, and puppy dogs tails!

What are little girls made of?

Candy and spice and all things nice!

So wrap it up ladies.