I daydream. A lot. I write novels in my mind – painting vast landscapes, constructing tall towers, floating sliver and menacing dirigibles in starry skies. A lot of my posts are constructed on the commute home from work. Picking up ideas from the people I bump into or finding inspiration while starring at a smudge in the corner of a subway poster.

Sometimes I strike blogging gold, and other times I just descend into lovely, self-indulgent thoughts, like:

  • I wish I had tried a chocolate martini before converting.
  • If I got my hair done in a funky pixie cut and died it bright red and went to work without hijab, would anyone recognize me? Would they be shocked? Proud? Amazed? Disappointed?
  • Should I buy cookies for the ride home?
  • Maybe the dinner faerie will visit and bring pizza so I don’t have to cook.

What lovely, self-indulgent thoughts have you had recently?