I’m going to be a total wet blanket. I’m tired, cranky and sick (AGAIN). So I was not in the best of moods when the following video made it’s way to me without introduction or context:

When I first saw the title, I immediately thought, “Ooooh good! I hope it’s a cute video on volunteering or political activism.” But as it went on, I started thinking just how much fail was in this video.

And before you jump down my throat, believe me, I KNOW. I know the video’s origin comes from a site that promotes a whole slew of impressive productivity tools for personal growth — be it for spirituality, education or health. And yes, there are other videos that discuss volunteerism and other lovely tidbit reminders that can inspire someone into spiritual or mundane action. Yes, the videos may very well be targeted toward the high school or university population. Yes prayer is very important and the video uses my favourite reciter (not the best translation though). And I know the author has good intentions. BUT… I just couldn’t relate.

We learn that a productive muslim:

  • is male
  • is single
  • has an impressive and flexible office job
  • rides a bike to and from work, home and the mosque
  • starts his day at 4am to pray and stays up working, prioritizing his day, and making cute flash videos on how to be a productive muslim
  • gets 2 hours off from lunch — an hour to pray, an hour to eat
  • gets off work early to pray
  • has time to exercise
  • spends 5 hours at the mosque each day
  • doesn’t shower

Erasure much? Or am I being to hard?