Happy Saturday everyone! In this very, approved by Sam the Eagle, US-centric edition of the roundup, we’re taking a quick look at creeping shari’a, OBL, flying muslims, a dead-sexy Muslim scholar, tea-party satirists and Disney’s terrorist propaganda.


1) The world has changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was, is lost. It began with the forging of Islam in America. Decades of exposés on the goodness of Muslims were presented by ABC, Opera and CNN, while falafel stands covered the land. But they were all of them deceived. One by one the free lands of America fell to the power of the shari’a.

But there were some who resisted. A last alliance of right-wingers with tea in hand and Chuck Norris on the side, marched against the armies of Islam — and on the slopes of Mount Dearborn, they supported a “Quran-burning pastor who interspersed Gospel passages with grave warnings about the spread of radical Islam in Europe and the danger of it happening in America.” People chanted, two were arrested, and when the dust settled after a spectacular explosion that blew Orlando Bloom’s hair ever so slightly, the city paid $50,000 for public safety.

2) You may have heard that Osama bin Laden was killed.

The illustrious, and incredibly handsome, Tariq Ramadan had a few things to say about, “Osama’s dead, now what?” Noam Chomsky also brilliantly weighed in with his reaction:

Same with the name, Operation Geronimo. The imperial mentality is so profound, throughout western society, that no one can perceive that they are glorifying bin Laden by identifying him with courageous resistance against genocidal invaders. It’s like naming our murder weapons after victims of our crimes: Apache, Tomahawk… It’s as if the Luftwaffe were to call its fighter planes “Jew” and “Gypsy.”

And ABC has a list of anti-Muslim incidents related to his death.

3) A Delta Airlines pilot kicked two Memphis imams off a flight, after they had been cleared by the TSA. Employees at the gate were angry that they had to explain that the pilot considered the two imams a security risk. Ironically, they were headed to a conference addressing prejudice against Muslims.  You know, it’s that darn “traditional headgear.” I’m starting a charitable organization to donate Canadian flags to Muslims traveling through the US.

In related bad flight service news, when Eryn, Hubby and I last flew with United, they charged us nearly $300 to seat Eryn on my lap — and then delayed us in order to reassign our seats. They could not seat Eryn with me because we do not share the same last name and the tickets had to say that she was flying with her father. It was a security risk — even though it was fine for her to be with me once we were seated.

4) When Muslims aren’t attempting to take control of the legal system, they’re kicking butt at school. The amazing Saheela Ibraheem, a 15 year-old New Jersey senior has been accepted by 13 colleges and will be attending Harvard this fall. She’s brilliant in just about everything — I couldn’t make this up if I tried:

She is a three-sport athlete, playing outfield for the school’s softball team, defender on the soccer team, and swimming relays and 50-meter races for the swim team. She also sings alto in the school choir, plays trombone in the school band and serves as president of the school’s investment club, which teaches students about the stock market by investing in virtual stocks.

Oh okay… she also walks in eternity on Saturdays.

5) NEWSFLASH: Muslim mothers in Utah do the Zumba, take the kids to soccer, are stay at home moms, work in hospitals, universities, fast food chains, offices, schools, direct traffic, translate texts, use the iQur’an, iPrayerTimes, wear hijab, don’t wear hijab, cook dinner, order in, fold laundry, play around with their kids, and do pretty much what every other middle or working class American does. Except they’re Muslim *cue dramatic prairie dog*

It’s a cute profile on three American Muslim families. Top marks for the Captain Obvious reporting.

6) Finally, “Tea Party Youth LA hits the streets of Fullerton to raise awareness about quite possibly the biggest terrorist of all: Aladdin.