This evening Eryn was flipping through videos on the iPhone and by chance, found my new favourite song.

She’s quickly discovered that after a video ends, YouTube offers her a list of suggestions for further viewing. And being an @gen baby,TM instinctively knows how to navigate the list herself to find new songs for her enjoyment.

So for example, if she wants to see the laughing baby video, first she goes to our “favourites” list and plays If you’re happy and you know it. Then she stops it, scrolls through the suggestions until she finds Head, shoulders, knees and toes, stops that as well, and scrolls until she finds the laughing baby. Even though it’s not listed in our “favourites” she knows how to identify the two songs that will lead her to that drooling, giggling munchkin with a soother. It takes her about 15 seconds.


But tonight, I heard her playing a song I’ve never heard before. I don’t even know how she found it — but I’m glad she did.

Without being at all preachy, it’s a wonderful song about a daughter’s love for her mom, with a twist and an important message.

The best part for me is that I can easily project myself and Eryn into the characters — from the daughter’s carefree curls, to the mother’s hijab style. This is the second Muslim music video that does it for me (Narcy’s Alhamdulillah being the first). Of course, I bawled at the end — so it scored triple points.

Check out Zain Bhikha’s song, My Mum is Amazing, featuring the incredibly wonderful  Nadira Alli: