Weekend Mornings

“Mama? Mama? MAMA!!”
groan “Yes Eryn?”

“Yes Eryn?”
points to open mouth, signs milk, but she means water
“You want to have breakfast?
nods, and smiles “Hah.”
“Ok, let’s go”

“Ticka-ticka. TICKA-TICKA!”
“You want down? okay.”
“Mama. Auto! WOOOW!”
“Yes, police auto.”
“Eryn, drink your smoothie.”

“Eryn, was sagt Oma?”
(German baby talk for: what does Oma say — what does Oma call you)
(Arabic: my darling)
“Was sagt Baba?”
“Was sagt Mama?”
“Was sagt Opa”

Weekday 12noon phone call

“Hi Eryn! Hiiiiii…!”
“What are you doing?”
“Mama! Oma, pssshhhh!”
“Oh, Oma took you to the park and you went on the swing? Did you have fun?”
“hah. Bark.”

“Did you go to play schule today? You saw Hannah and Ahmed and you coloured?”
“Anna! hah. Anna. Amet.”
“Are you eating lunch with Oma? Is it yummy?”
“BYE!” kissing noise “MAH!”

6pm drop-off/pick-up

“Mama!!! Nyum-na!!!”
“Hi Eryn! Assalamu ‘alaikum!”
Very seriously, “Mama. Oma baby. Opa baby auto. Mama da!”
“Oh yes Eryn, you spent the day with Oma and then you and Opa drove in the auto, and then you saw me!”
“Baba’s coming home soon.”
“Hah.” nods emphatically.” “Nyum-na!!!”
“You want to nurse? Say please.”
“Say bitte.”
“Say min-fadlik.”
“Maflugh gablah.”
“Good girl.”