Much to my surprise I realized today that I haven’t updated the blog in 11 days. That NEVER happens.

It’s like I have a week missing from my memory. But I’m pretty sure aliens haven’t come to my door, and I didn’t go Judgment Day canvassing — so what have I been up to?

  • Twitter is a lovely black hole or information goodness that sucks me down into its recesses. If I’m not here, I’m most certainly there.
  • Last week I posted some thoughts on Geert Wilder’s infamous visit to Toronto at Womanist Musings.
  • The SIL came for a week to de-stress from presenting her PhD research (aha! Perhaps she is to blame for my absence).
  • I’m planning a trip at the end of June to NYC — any takers for a blogger coffee meet-up?
  • And it was a long weekend here in the Commonwealth of Canukistan. Thank you Queen Victoria. Eryn and I had a lovely weekend traveling by train and hugging trees. She also saw fireworks for the first time, and became very concerned when she watched a three-year-old burn her hand on a sparkler. We’re currently on day two of  the oft-repeated “Boo-boo Saga” — which goes a little like this:

    “Mama, baby… Fffffff…owah. Boo-boo, baby. Owah. Baby! Fffffff!!! No no no. Owah! Boo-boo. Muwah.”

    Awww. Bless.

Eryn's first time on a train. She loved it. This is her in mid, "choo choo."

I think that may be too much saunter for a tree hugger! How very prosh.