The Muslim roundup is back! This week we have a happy-shiny-media-friendly version of the roundup with some advice for imams on good media relations, putting a positive spin on shari’a myths, intense rugby muslimahs and a Philly Muslim Fight Club — ya, there’s an app for that.


1) Imams talking to the Media have a really tough job. They’re representing the entire community trying to dispel myths and misconceptions, fielding really difficult questions — and trying their best while giving juicy, modern, cool, lurvly sound bites of Islamic wisdom for the Media to drink up. Dr. Muzzaffar Shaikh, imam at the Islamic Society of Brevard County, Florida gives us the perfect example of what not to say:

Q: [What’s your take on the belief that] under Sharia, a man may have four wives and beat any or all of them. He may kill his wives or daughters if he considers them to have brought dishonor on the family. Sharia law must be treated as a real and present threat to our way of life.

A: All of these things mentioned, if someone tries to do that in Melbourne or someplace else in the United States, what would apply is the law of the United States, our judicial system.Typical, mainstream Muslims are moderate, educated people. Myself, we have two cars, a German car and an American car. My wife drives the German car. We are Americans.

Really? That’s it? Das Auto? *facepalm*

Go watch the video or read the entire interview. He’s a cutie imam and really does a fair job otherwise.

2) Now, Imam Suhaib Webb, gives us the perfect example of what to say in his recent interview with the LA Times:

Although the call to prayer at a mosque is always issued by a man, Webb once joked about it being made by one of his favorite female R&B artists: “If Mary J. Blige made the call to prayer, I’d go to the mosque; I’d be in the front row.”

At a Muslim conference in Long Beach last year, he suggested that mosques adopt a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy toward gays. Afterward, he was accosted by a local imam who accused him of poisoning Muslim youth. “I told him, ‘Quite frankly, you’re going to be irrelevant in 10 years.’

Nice article. Bad subtitle.

3) How awesome are these women? Don’t they just make you want to lace up and pound someone into the ground?

Prompted by the urging of the Australian Football League’s multicultural officers, the Auburn Tigers were created to entice Muslim interest in one of the toughest games imaginable. The team has a female coach, get the guy’s team to train on different days, and have an emergency plan in place if someone looses a hijab during a tackle. On addressing cultural barriers:

“Girls don’t play sport is the big one,” [Karra-Hassan] says. “My dad has that attitude and it took a while for our parents to become comfortable with it. Luckily, Dad doesn’t even know what AFL footy is, but if he ever saw me get tackled I would be in so much trouble.”

Asked if the game ever gets rough, she shrieks: “Of course it does. We are from Auburn!”

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

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5) Finally, what do you get when you put inner city crime with one imam’s ingenuity?
Muslim Fight Club.