Summer as hit Southern Ontario with full force. Our spring was totally lackluster, with snow right up until early May, and then rain and cold weather until last weekend.

Within 24 hours people flooded the streets in shorts and tank tops — and I suddenly lost my winter anonymity.

Swans in an inlet of Lake Ontario

Summer is undoubtably my favourite time of year. No matter how early it is in the morning, I somehow find the energy to go running as the sun rises just to smell that amazing dew and fresh-cut grass. The euphoria from the sun keeps me going until late at night, when sunsets streak the sky to welcome over-large, shining full moons.

Crickets. Chimes blowing in a warm wind. Hundreds of starlings swarming and herding insects. Lazy bumble bees. Toasty skin smelling of sun and coconut butter. Pineapple. Cherries. Watermelon. Midnight runs for soft-serve ice cream. People watching. Cold drinks. Splashpads. Carnivals.

I love carnivals and am so looking forward to this weekend’s local fair. I’ll stand in line for a half hour to get a free piece of bread and honey, watch children strap themselves into rides that look too rickety for safety, and hopefully get my fill of deep-fried foods.

mmm… deep-fry. French fries, beaver tails, loukoumades, samboosas, and deep fried oreo cookies with a sprinkling of icing sugar. *yum*

There’s just something about the screams of children, repetitive carni-songs, smells from the boardwalk and sharing greasy food with a loved one.

Now that summer’s practically here, what are you looking forward to?

Boat watching with Opa