Every so often I’ll update my Twitter feed with a witty, sad or (hopefully) hilarious hijab tidbit. They’re usually observations or personal experiences that mark my day — and as a muhajabah, it’s a little difficult to escape these daily hijab highlights and highjinx.

So I thought I’d share my current collection here as well (the numbers are just for fun).

Feel free to add more in the comments!

Hijab Highlights

#92: makes an excellent pollution and dust filter (for hair and lungs) when walking past construction sites.

#67: Gasp! It’s.too.hot. Wheeze! to.run. Ulp! in.black hijab. But I did it anyway!

#53: scarves with fringe let you shake your tassels with ease.

#163: makes a great sweatband on hot summer days.

#87: covers unexpected baby food stains.

#6: makes for a great cover when it’s raining and I don’t have an umbrella.

#12: my hijab is on too tight. It’s giving me a headache, but doing wonders for my crows feet.

#32: hides grey hair.

#26: doubles as a toque, eh? Brrrrr.

#9: great variety in style and colour and I don’t have to pay a salon to get the latest look.

#22: Easy Doctor Who reference: “I got a hijab. I wear a hijab now. Hijabs are cool.”

#15: hides hickeys.

#62: makes for a great breastfeeding cover.

#41: it’s a pretty awesome symbol of protest.

#45: waka-wakka-waka-waka dooeeeoooeeeooo bloop-bloop!



Hijab Highjinx

#13: finding out that people have put unflattering pre-hijab, pre-Islam pics of you on Facebook.

#3: when hijab becomes an excuse for gendered Islamophobia and hate speech.

#59: Rape myth propaganda.

#27: I’m so not a fan when people tell me I look good in “full hijab.” My hijabis full enough for me.

#64: bad burqa puns.

#148: really unhappy cartoon women in various stages of hijab. Thanks BBC.

#37: my head is not a definition of Muslim garb.

#82: candy and flies metaphors.

#19: that moment when someone mistakes you for someone else, because all they see is the hijab.

#69: my hijab fell in the toilet. How was your night?

#51: being the butt of someone’s diaperhead joke.

#11: having other people judge if toe cleavage is too sexy for your hijab.

#73: being asked to cover your hair and body for the sanctity of men’s chastity.

#74: being asked to cover your hair and body for the sanctity of men’s chastity and THEN being asked to hide behind a barrier.

#5: becoming someone else’s symbol of oppression.

#23: everyone on the street is in tanks and shorts. There goes my winter anonymity.