I’m living right off Columbia campus. There’s a subway that goes chi-ka-chi-ka chi-ka-chi-ka every 7 minutes below my window. The street is quiet except for girlish squealing and yelling when we saw two monstrous cockroaches. Pizza here is a godsend — manna from heaven.

So what do “good little Muslim girls” get up to on a wild weekend?

My first caffeinated beverage in two years. I didn't stop talking and I thought I sounded smart. So that's how I got through university.

There is an arresting Alexander McQueen exhibition at the MET. He's designed some fabulous proto-burqas and I can't help wondering if people would find them gorgeous, or oppressive.

Big.gay.ice.cream.truck. Soft serve with gourmet toppings. WT's pick: The Monday Sunday - Nutella, ice cream, dulce de leche and sea salt.