New York was amazing — I had a completely brilliant time and Rawiya was an excellent hostess. Getting away was so very necessary. If not for the friendship, change of scenery, and baby-break, then definitely for the food.

Best Thai. Best Pizza. Best South Indian I have ever tasted.

Rava Onion Masala Dosa. A crispy cilantro and chick pea flour crepe with potato and onion stuffing. It's at least a foot wide. I licked my plate clean.

It also just happened to be Pride weekend. My fav placard: 'Queer rhymes with Tahrir.'

Now we’re in the peak of wedding season here at the wood turtle homestead.

This week alone I’ve been to a dholki, a henna, a ladies’ party and a mehndi. Tomorrow is the wedding, so hopefully I can get back to writing after surviving that. Until then, it’s lazy photoblogging.

Dholki drumming and dancing.

It’s been fun, even though Eryn has a stomach bug and insists on holding in her runs until optimal family picture time — thereby forcing me to change her and bathe her in hotel sinks, while overflowing toilets soak my white pants. Otherwise she’s completely blissed out at all of the “happy-happy” cake and mango lassis. She thinks every dinner is someone’s birthday.

Playing with bubbles. Her word for water, not the sock monkey.

She’s also learning how to dance with other babies and negotiate her fun Yemeni-Indian-Kenyan-Canadian family. Dishdashas, kurtas, jambiyas, and dupattas galore.

Oh my. When did my little girl get so big?