Happy weekend everyone! I’m running between multiple iftaar engagements, so it’s a quickie tonight. In this edition of the roundup, we’ve got media Ramadan firestorms: Ramadan 101, marketing Ramadan and Bootylicious burqas.


1) Outside of finding that one Muslim reporter who can bring an insider view of Hajj to the major networks, the next best positive Islamic event for the Media to feast upon is Ramadan.

Boston.com has their yearly AMAZING photos of Ramadan around the world; the HuffPo has a wikipediaesque summary of the main highlights of the month — conveniently called, Dates, Fasting Rules, History; and TIME has an exclusive top then things you didn’t know about Ramadan — covering everything from “It’s not just no eating ya’know” to “fasting loopholes.”

And Wajahat Ali tells it how it really is in his piece A Ramadan State of Mind:

1.5 billion Muslims magically transform overnight and jettison their messy, imperfect, human emotional baggage, because that’s the miraculous power of Ramadan and being Muslim!

We become Yodas with kufis and Splinters in thobes. We are Mr. Miyagis and Morgan Freemans dispensing calm, sage advice and composing ourselves elegantly like a stereotypical ascetic monk only seen in Hollywood movies as quiet Asian men in robes.

Oh it’s sarcastic and a tad snarky, but there’s a twist at the end that’s sure to warm your heart.

2) “So, since I’m not your everything… how about I’ll be nothing at all to you? Baby, I won’t shed a tear for you. ‘Cause the truth of the matter is replacing you is so easy.” At least that’s what hundreds of Egyptian women were singing a few months ago at a Beyoncé concert.

Though, to hear Beyoncé tell it to Bazaar magazine, she practically inspired the Revolution just by showing up:

The global singer recalled a specific moment in her concert which evidently was protested against by conservative Islamic groups who did not approve of her risqué outfits and booty-shaking dance moves.

She revealed: “There were a lot of women in the audience in burkas. They were singing along to Irreplaceable – it was amazing! Some of the men got really upset! They were like to their women, ‘We have to get you out of here!’… I guess some of them do get annoyed.”

Beyonce went on to say that she felt she had empowered the women in burqa’s at the concert who sang along to her song “irreplaceable” at the dismay of their husbands.

*cough* *faceplant*

Thank you Beyoncé for empowering all of the burqa-clad Egyptian women. They couldn’t have done it without you, or your Bootylicious-brand-feminism.

3) Rapid-fire – nuts and bolts:

4) Finally, the Holy month of Ramadan is a time of quiet reflection, abstinence, charity, exercises in self-control, and Ramadan-specific commercials. Here’s how NOT to fill your marketing campaign with a bunch of FAIL:


  • be racist
  • poke fun of other religions
  • stereotype ethnic minorities
  • be sexist
  • use your message to target non-Muslims
  • police society

Instead, why not hilariously poke fun of Muslims and focus on what this blessed month is really all about: food.