One of the benefits (or headaches) of having a baby still in diapers is that you get many opportunities to snoop when you’re invited to people’s houses. Now, I don’t intentionally snoop — but when a host lets me use their bedroom to change Eryn, I just happen to see a lot of things I shouldn’t when she runs around reorganising their closets, bedroom side tables and drawers.

She’ll take any chance she can get to escape from my death grip and tear apart a strange, new bedroom. Be warned.

But I saw something very personal and interesting in a friend’s bedroom this past weekend. We were invited to an iftaar dinner and while rescuing childhood teddy bears, Turkish keepsakes and fragile baby pictures from Eryn’s chocolate streaked hands, I saw and fell in love with the following *list:

Now not everything on the list is feasible or accessible for everyone — but I’d like to think that we all have unofficial or official lists highlighting the things that are important to us. Either for self-improvement or simply to help promote personal happiness.

Getting myself to the beach, going for runs and snuggling with Eryn are important items on my list. And despite how much I really crave smelling that sea salt air or feeling the ground pound beneath my feet — right now I only have the time and means for one item on my list. So I make the snuggles count even more.

So I’m curious — what’s on your list?

*this list was reproduced here with permission of course!