Good afternoon folks and welcome to the muslim roundup! It’s a little hectic at the wood turtle homestead. We had a birthday and are now gearing up for a trip to Kuwait. Which means a lot of running around for a lot of last-minute preparations. So this alliteration edition of the roundup will be light on commentary. A true rapid-fire Ramadan roundup.


1) Rapid-fire:

  • Muslims in St. John’s Newfoundland can’t find a place to celebrate ‘Eid. Masha’Allah the community has grown and they’re expecting whopping 350 people. But the mosque is too small and the hotels are all booked out.Β  Here’s hoping for a Ramadan miracle.

2) Finally, from my hero-of-the-week, a genuine, important-knock-your-hijabs-right-off PSA: THIS!!