When Eryn was born we were a few days away from celebrating the start of Ramadan. In-between plugged ducts, sleepless days and nights, surviving the witching hour (that lasted 3 months!), and recovery, I remember feeling that the month just flew by without the joys and sweetness of Ramadan actually registering in my mind.

I find fasting a very humbling and spiritual experience. My mind is sharper and I’m more in tune with my emotions and thoughts. I always feel so much closer to God when I fast — and when I converted Ramadan was right around the corner. I don’t think I would have joined the faith so completely if it hadn’t been for all of the nights at the mosque and experiencing such a wonderful reception from my community. I love Ramadan so much that even Eryn’s real life name is inspired by a key symbol from this holy month. Ramadan has always been important to me.

And that makes not fasting even more difficult.

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